Fontaine (7pcs)

This chic bedroom group epitomizes a glamorous and comfortable bedroom. The centerpiece of the group, the bed, features a golden brown upholstered headboard and footboard, perfectly accented by a metallic finish on the frame. The dresser, nightstand, chest, and mirror have a matching finish and feature intricate metal hardware.



CM-Headboard(B1700-K-HB), 79″ X 2.8″ X 58″H
CM-Footboard(B1700-K-FB), 79″ X 2.8″ X 22″H
CM-Rail(B1700-KQ-RAIL), 80.5″ X 1.3″ X 5.8″H
CM-Nightstand(B1700-2), 26″ X 16″ X 26″H
CM-Dresser(B1700-1), 60″ X 18″ X 38″H
CM-Mirror(B1700-11), 46″ X 1″ X 38″H
CM-Chest(B1700-4), 38″ X 17″ X 48″H
also available in king size
CM-5017 2nd picture(same price)

Vanity Set $799.99
CM-B1700-91 Vanity mirror
CM-B1700-92 Vanity dresser top
CM-B1700-93 Vanity Stool


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